Creative and Fun Shawl Art by Chris Brock

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Creative and Fun Shawl Art by Chris Brock

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I’ve finalized the designs for the next wave of shawls. Next step is getting my initial sample prints and photoshoot in the next week or so. Once I get those I will upload my the photos. All artwork is hand drawn by myself using a mix of pen and ink and adobe illustrator. See below for the upcoming designs as well as the inspiration behind them.



  1. Pinto Pony: My wife and daughter were inspiration for this piece. They really wanted me to draw a majestic Pinto horse. Instead of doing that, I drew a fat little majestic pony. Heavily inspired by my love for fat horse sculptures. I also drew him in the winner’s circle, because he is a WINNER!


2. Crazy Love: This is a doodle that turned into a thing. This happens more often than you would think. Although if you think about it, most art starts as a doodle. My wife hates it….FUN FACT!


3. Wavey Mermaid: This one was a request from my little 9 year old artist/daughter. She LOVES sharing her input with me on what I should draw and I LOVE hearing her ideas. Plus if I didn’t do what she wanted me to, she’d give me that look again.. That “YOU DIDN’T DRAW MY MERMAID?!!?!?!?!” Look. Yea… So, I did a mermaid.


4. Pink Martini: This is an elaboration on a piece I did years ago called Blue Martini. I expanded the drink to fill the space and make a visual party.


5. Peace Out: This is definitely not a piece that I would have done if left alone. My wife is always trying to get me to go in a more “hippy/peace” style direction. I usually respond with “NOT IN AMERICA!!!” while smoking a cigar and slamming a cold beer… But this time I obliged and did something per her request.


6. Bubble Eyed Goldfish Swarm: I did this one even after I was told by my loved ones, “DON’T DO MORE FISH!”… I like fish. They don’t tell me what to do. So, I did bubble eye goldfish, because I think Koi fish are over done. Plus, who hasn’t had one of these goldfish at least once in their lives?


7. Definchi: Here is another one based of a piece I did a while ago called Watercolor Finch. When I started this vector watercolor technique, it was just for fun, but it actually turned into something I really thought looked cool.


8. Floral Elephant: My wife loves elephant designs. After several revisions to this one, we landed at this design.


9. Pop Art Poochies: I am a dog lover and revisited my dog illustrations from a while back. I selected my favorite pups and brightened them up so they would really stand out on a shawl.


10. Day of the Dead Lovers: This is the first piece I sampled and can be seen in the photo at the top of the page. It started out much more bolder and brighter seen here. After some conversations, we decided to implement the softer watercolor effect that I previously discussed which created a much softer and feminine feel.


11. Catfishing: Fun fact. At the beginning of my shawl designing adventure, I was stung by a catfish directly  in the knuckle of my right hand pointer finger.. You know… The one I draw with. After ignoring it for 6 months like A MAN/BOSS, I grew an infection in my cartilage  and couldn’t bend or use that finger. I decided I should see a doctor and APPARENTLY needed immediate surgery to save my hand. yadda yadda yadda, now I’m better. But it inspired me to draw a lot of catfish.


12: NOM NOM NOM: Who doesn’t like junk food. That’s all the inspiration I needed. Pretty sure I was hungry at the time I created this.


13. Ka-KAW Cardinal!: This is based on one of my favorite cardinal pieces I did a while ago. I added the wings to really make a nice wrap around for a shawl. I am very excited to see how the bright colors turn out on this one.


14. Betas: I’ve always loved Betta fish and the variety of colors they are.


15. Animal Pattern Palooza: This pattern was born out of spite…. Like most of my creations. Here is how the magic happens:
Wife: Draw a bunch of animal patterns, but together.
ME: Huh?
Wife: Like all mixed together.
ME: Like in patches.
Wife: No
ME: What are you talking about.
Wife: Ugh nevermind
ME: Just tell me.
Wife: I did, just do them all together
ME: That sounds aweful
Wife: You need to do it.
ME: HERE! Like this?! See… Just like I said it looks……hmmm. Not bad actually.. Kind of cool.. dammit


16. AMERICA KA-KAW!: This started out as a sketched/outlined eagle, but we decided it looked better as a more abstract colorful piece.


17. Tattoo America: Because America…


18. African Animals: This one was ripped right from one of my favorite pieces I did a long time ago. Its been a popular piece of mine and I think it will make an amazing shawl.


19. The Gunslinger: I love Day of the Dead artwork and had a lot of fun with this piece. I stuck with the bold colors on this one instead of going with the water color look, because I think the colors will look amazing. May do another version down the road.


20. The Band: Pretty much the same as 19.


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